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4 Reasons To Choose A British Trade Moulding Specialist

Britain is the home of aviation, automation and pharmaceuticals, with British manufacturing making up 11% of national GVA. Throughout history Britain has been known for producing quality, well made products that are exported all over the world.

Oxford Plastics products are no exception, used throughout Britain and beyond. There are many trade moulding specialists across the world, so why would you choose a British trade moulding specialist? Here are 4 reasons why you might want to buy British when it comes to trade mouldings.

Higher Quality

If you’re buying bespoke products then you need to make sure what you’re buying is going to be manufactured to a high standard. Britain is known for producing quality products and whilst this doesn’t guarantee quality from all British suppliers, you’re more likely to get a quality product when you buy British.

Ethical Working Conditions

Cheaper doesn’t always mean cheerful, which is especially poignant when it comes to working conditions. Many countries don’t have the same employment regulations as we do in the UK, so you might get a cheaper product elsewhere, but at the expense of an underpaid, poorly treated worker on the other side of the world. British workers are protected by law so you can be confident that a British manufacturer product is an ethically produced product.


If you operate in Britain then it’s convenient to use suppliers that operate with similar working hours. Chinese suppliers, for example, will always be 8 hours ahead of the UK due to the time difference. If you’re working a 9-5 working day then your suppliers will likely be going home by the time you walk through the door.


Manufacturing products like trade mouldings can take a long time, but this process is even longer when the finished product has to be exported halfway across the world. If the product isn’t quite right then you’re looking at an even longer lead time, coupled with the possibility of excessive shipping charges.